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    Across Cultural Consulting provides your people with a CQ Assessment that identifies your cultural values and provides a CQ scale. To solidify its reputation, 100-peer reviewed articles deem that this assessment has proven to show validity and reliability in measuring your understanding and attitude towards cultural diversity.


    To achieve these results, you and your organization will participate in a self-assessment. In this assessment, there is a Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS) that has been validated and accepted through testing of various demographics in sample sizes.


    What makes the self-assessment such an effective form of CQ measurement is that even with controlled variables such as demographic characteristics, personality traits, prior cultural experience, and social desirability, it can still be a valid predictor of your cultural values with regards to it's CQ scale.


    This 30-minute questionnaire gauges your current preferences based on 10 commonly accepted cultural values (CV report). It also measures your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in four capabilities: drive (or motivation), knowledge, strategy, and action.



    Upon receiving completed assessments, Across Cultural Consulting meets with your team and spends half a day (3-4 hours) debriefing in detail the assessment's CV and CQ report. The values are personalized by mapping your value as compared to a cultural group that you are needing to interact with. 


    Each participant receives CQ Report (which includes the CV report), “What's Your CQ participants guide” (action plan steps), and an “Expand your Borders book” describing world cultural differences.


    The debrief session explains the 4 CQ capabilities (and 13 sub-capabilities within these. It discusses the 10 Cultural Values and, through interaction, explores participants’ values. Finally, the debrief session applies personalized case studies to move from theory to pragmatic. 


    As a part of the debrief, specific action steps are written to improve cross-cultural engagement.



    The most important part of the debrief session is your personal action plan. The Participants' manual is designed to enable you to set goals to improve your cross-cultural engagement.


    You have opportunity to engage Across Cultural Consulting to follow-up, mentor, and hold you accountable for your action plan. These sessions dig deeper into your situation, provide specific and actionable plans for improvement and use focused, pragmatic tools for the situation.  


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