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My name is John Mugo. David worked with me for 10 years and showed curiosity, sensitivity and a capacity to learn about the many cultures in Kenya. We traveled from East to West together and I watched him learn and grow.

We even made mission trips to Uganda and Rwanda. I call him “my companion in missions”. When my wife and I were preparing for a US and Canada visit, David’s careful advice and cultural counseling prepared us for the shock of a totally new culture.


Bishop John Mugo

Kingdom Destiny Ministries, Nakuru Kenya

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"Working through CQ assessment was very

useful to my work. I have a greater awareness

of indirect communication. I highly recommend it!"

'The cross-cultural training in the months leading up to the trip, were extremely valuable. They helped us to get in the right mindset, understand our motivations and our biases coming from Canada. I believe the mission would not have been as successful without this training before-hand'

Naomi. Short term trip, Kenya

MD Candidate, Queen's School of Medicine

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