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Imagine that the top resume for the marketing position is from a candidate with a Middle-eastern sounding name. She would be the only one from there in the firm. Why do you feel undecided? How can you address and overcome your hesitation?



Imagine the senior leadership of your company is of the Boomer generation. You are hiring a number of Millennials who are advocating for flex-time hours, and more working from home. That’s never been done before!


What my consultation service will do to help you is, before you encounter a culturally diverse space, whether in business, education, government, or in a group organization (ex. social justice, humanitarian, emergency relief, etc.) – it will assess you about general cultural values.


First, we will assess your knowledge of cultural values – both yours and the anticipated “other” culture. This assessment also identifies your current cultural intelligence level. Upon receiving your results, we will debrief with you for future success, and finally, we will develop an action plan together to fulfill your goals and offer continuous monitoring/mentorship.


After these critical steps are completed, you would have strengthened your cultural awareness level, not strictly for those select few occasions. Cultural awareness is generally significant due to the different quantities of it across the desk, street, and globe, and being more conscious of them will only serve as an advantage moving forward.

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