What Across Cultural Consulting does for you.

CQ begins with an online assessment that describes your current capabilities in four quadrants: Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action. That assessment provides the foundation for development both of an individual's and a team's effectiveness at dealing with cross-cultural situations. Effective cross cultural engagement is proven to be the single most important key for innovation in today's multi-cultural world.

1. Provides an assessment.

Based on rigorous academic research and over 100,000 respondents, Across Cultural Consulting provides your people with a CQ Assessment. This explores skills in the four capabilities, and 13 sub-capabilities. 

2. Produces your CQ Scale.

Across Cultural Consulting   produces your results in a booklet describing where you rank based on worldwide norms. 

3. Debriefs with your organization. 

 Across Cultural Consulting  meets with your team and spends half or full day debriefing. The results are explained, discussed and action plans are developed for higher CQ, and better organizational success.

4. Develops action plans.

A part of the debrief sessions, Across Cultural Consulting provides opportunity for individual action plans, and can monitor and mentor the plans' implementation. 

Across the desk

Within your organization, increase productivity through clear communication between departments with different priorities. Hire more wisely by understanding the non-verbal cues from a qualified international student. Understand why "brainstorming" doesn't work in cross-cultural situations 

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Across the street

With  multi-culturalism a fact of life, high CQ enhances how your business does marketing, how a government implements programs, how a school trains staff and faculty. The world is truly living on your street!

Across the ocean

As the world shrinks, opportunities for overseas humanitarian work,  business ventures or educational exchanges increase. CQ thoroughly prepares yourself and your organization for effective engagement. 




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