• David Donaldson

Culture matters...but it doesn't have to "matter"

I can't document this picture, but found it a while ago. (I'd love to apply credit to it, so if someone can document it, I'll add credit.) It captures intelligent cultural engagement.

I've heard it said "I'm colour blind. I see only people. After all, people are people..." As if to suggest "i" am totally unbiased and culture doesn't matter. This is a dangerous (at most, at least a counter-productive) myth. We must acknowledge, understand, evaluate our cultural differences. Then, in intelligent cultural engagement, figure out a way to work together.

This photo almost celebrates the cultural differences. For sure, it states that cultures can be very different, and obviously different. But that doesn't stop the match from happening. The important thing is the game and how can we work together so the "game" can go on? What is the innovations we need to make so progress happens for everyone? What biases do we need to articulate and discard? After these questions, let the games begin.





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