cultural intelligence (cq® )

CQ® research spans over 100 countries and 100,000 individuals. The research shows that an organization with high cultural intelligence is more innovative, more effective, and outperforms other organizations with low CQ®. We have identified four skills that make up Cultural Intelligence: CQ® Drive, Knowledge, Strategy, and Action.


    Whether you’re a small, mid-size, or large company, we will work with you to equip your leaders, teams, and staff to simultaneously advance the values and needs of your organization while adapting to the cultures touched by your organization.


    Whether you want to assess students’ intercultural competence, improve your study abroad program, or develop a strategy for building a culturally intelligent campus, we have a variety of research-based solutions to meet your needs.


    Whether your organization is working with social justice, humanitarian partnerships, or emergency relief efforts, we help provide a framework to ensure your efforts and money are most effectively used. 


    We provide assistance to all government agencies to develop a strategy for developing culturally intelligent communities.

low cq

Reacts to external stimuli and judge it based upon their own cultural context. Cultural differences are either ignored or viewed as irrelevant.

moderate cq

Recognize some cultural norms and have begun to accommodate them into thinking and behavior. Has an interest to learn more about culture, but not able to apply that knowledge.

high cq

Adapts and adjusts thinking and behavior to other cultural norms as appropriate. Draws on cultural differences to drive innovation and effectiveness. 

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