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Helps you understand and articulate our common cultural values and bridge cultural differences: whether differences of ethnic, generational, or organizational cultures. Using the tools of Cultural Intelligence, we begin by clarifying your current level of cross-cultural effectiveness and create strategies for improving it. 

Today, being culturally intelligent has never been more critical. Our tools are the best way to move your organization to true inclusion and equity. And it's good for business! Trust, clear communication, innovation and efficient decision making are enhanced.

effective cross-cultural engagement

Are you ready to become a better leader, employee, HR administrator, and community member?


Hi, my name is David Donaldson, a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) consultant, and I am here to help you improve your CQ. My education and  cross-cultural experiences position me to add value to your enterprise.

It starts with you! How badly do you want it?

Let me show you how to improve your Intelligent Cross-Cultural Engagement.

  • Step one


    It all begins with an online assessment. This 30-minute questionnaire gauges your current preferences based on 10 commonly accepted cultural values (CV report). It also measures your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) in four capabilities: drive (or motivation), knowledge, strategy, and action.

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  • Step two


    The assessment’s report is then debriefed. This 3 hour (half-day) debrief goes into detail of both the CV and CQ report. The values are personalized by mapping your value as compared to a cultural group that you are needing to interact with.

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  • Step three

    action plan

    The most important part of the debrief session is your personal action plan. The Participants' manual is designed to enable you to set goals to improve your cross-cultural engagement. 

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  • follow-up


    When mentoring and following up on our client’s action plans, some key takeaways we discovered were their increase in: trust, innovation, inclusion, equity, and clarity in communication/decision making. 

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THE process

about me

David Donaldson

David is a teacher, writer, cross-cultural team trainer and leader, and an advocate of intelligent cross-cultural engagement.


After 20 years managing one of Canada's largest Christian retail stores, and then managing a leadership development association, David returned to university, earning a Master of Theological Studies degree, focusing on effective leadership culture

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David Donaldson


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