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Move beyond Cultural Awareness. Thrive through Cultural Intelligence


Culture matters! Understanding and learning to bridge and leverage cultural differences will propel your enterprise: educational, business or humanitarian. Using the tools of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), you will learn to effectively communicate with co-workers, clients, and effectively engage those of other cultures in our neighbourhoods.

Today, being culturally intelligent has never been more critical. Our tools will move you from challenge to impact. CQ builds trust, clear communication, innovation and efficient decision making.

effective cross-cultural communication

Being aware of other cultures is no longer enough to be a leader in today's world; we need to understand, even embrace cultural differences. We need to learn to communicate effectively with the "other" culture we are engaged with.


Hi, my name is David Donaldson, a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) consultant, and I am here to help you improve your CQ. My experience and training can help you accomplish the mission you are embarking on.

It starts with you! How badly do you want it?

Let me show you how to improve your Intelligent Cross-Cultural Engagement.

THE process


about me

David Donaldson

David is a teacher, writer, cross-cultural team trainer and leader, and an advocate of intelligent cross-cultural engagement.


After 20 years managing one of Canada's largest Christian retail stores, and then managing a leadership development association, David returned to university, earning a Master of Theological Studies degree, focusing on effective leadership culture

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